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January 23, 2017

Allison Park Engagement Photos

This was my first time meeting this sweet couple, since they live out of town.  I met them and their two pups on the Blue Run Trail for their engagement session.  Even in the winter, with the sparse trees, it was really pretty!

Engagement Session in the Woods in Allison Park

Since the pups were quite wound up, we started out by doing a few shots with them.  I snapped this about two seconds before they charged at me to claim the treats I was holding above my camera!

We were hiking along a trail behind Hartwood Elementary, so there were quite a few cool little lookout spots like this one.

 Allison Park Engagement Session

One of my favorite spots about this trail was these steps.  They’re so pretty, and the perfect spot for Heather to perch on Ben’s lap!

 I can only imagine how gorgeous this trail is in the summer or fall!  One of my goals is to do another session here during one of those seasons! 

 Down at the end of the trail, there’s a stream (another reason Ben put the dogs back in the truck, LOL).  It’s an amazing backdrop…so peaceful.

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